Calling All Families…. Flock to Beautiful North Vancouver!

Tired and frightened by discovering homeless people sleeping at their building back door stairwell & having garbage rummaged through; Daughter was 2 ½ years and were considering a second child (more space); plus access to clean outdoor parks and trails.

Several years ago I helped a young family settle in North Vancouver from Kitsilano.  Initially that was their 3 reasons for making the move.

Grouse Mountain


Grouse Mountain

The bonus came a few years later when they discovered the fantastic schools with great parent participation and neighbours who have become close friends.  The kids literally played hockey on their street and many adventures were had in nearby wooded park.  There’s an annual “block party” and a sharing attitude of selling lightly used children’s items to each other.  Now their oldest is about to graduate high school.

I asked the family, what is the best part about living in North Vancouver?  Everyone had a different answer but they were essentially the same:  mountain biking, skiing, rowing, running – all outdoor sports with easy access.

No Needle Sweeps in North Vancouver

It’s not a common ‘thing’ – to complete a “needle sweep” before kids play at the playground.  Not saying there’s no drugs here but sure don’t see it like in Vancouver.

According to the newly released Provincial Government stats, North Vancouver had a growth of 431 people from 2018 – 2019.  If you’re tired of the over-crowded schools and want to live close to nature – come see what we have to offer & enquire about our public school International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Rice Lake

Check out this graph comparing composite Vancouver to North Vancouver real estate values STATS where we typically outperform Vancouver.

North Vancouver and our “bridges” definitely keep some folks from considering jumping over the ‘pond’ aka Burrard Inlet.  Traffic congestion actually runs the opposite direction. Most commuters to Vancouver report less than 20-30 minutes during rush hour.

If I may help you discover the beautiful attributes and home ownership in North Vancouver, let me know!

Lisa Gordon