Lynn Valley Village

Lynn Creek

Redevelopment of the Lynn Creek Town Centre will rejuvenate the residential areas, protect employment lands, increase connectivity between neighbourhoods, and establish a central community focal point that serves as a hub for community services and facilities.

We will see highrise, medium density condominium projects and townhomes within a full integration of light industrial, and park uses into a revitalized, complete, transit oriented community. Community centre redevelopment. Definitely your best value for homeowners wishing to own a home and take advantage of our spectacular parks, access to transportation and safe neighbourhoods.

Lynn Valley

Set in a mountainous valley by Upper Lonsdale to the west, Lower Lynn to the south, Lynn Creek to the east, and the rugged wilderness of the North Shore mountains to the north, Lynn Valley embraces nature at every turn.

Lynn Valley is one of our newly defined town centres. As community’s central hub there are plans for expansive new development of high rise and medium density near the core. Careful planning will ensure the communities needs for local services, schools and transportation will be met as well as mix housing options. As an older established area, Lynn Valley is witnessing a revival of single family homes from estate properties to middle class, often with additions of secondary accommodation to meet the financial and family needs of homeowners.

Mountain biking enthusiasts descend on Lynn Valley year round and enjoy the commitments of North Shore’s Mountain Biking Association’s commitment to trails maintenance and access to all. Hiking in Lynn Canyon is enjoyed by several hundred thousand tourists each year

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