Creative Solutions + Municipal Support Needed to Tackle Traffic Congestion & Housing Affordability


Dr. Kershaw and panel Discuss Innovative Ideas for reducing traffic congestion & housing issues in North Vancouver Feb 2020

The takeaway message:  We the public must support innovative ideas for land use & densification. Our land in Metro Vancouver is a scarce precious resource was the topic of this week’s inspirational North Vancouver’s Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting hosted by leaders from our business community with guest speaker, Dr. Paul Kershaw. The only way to accomplish this is to inspire our population to provide creative solutions. VOTE to elect civic politicians that have similar aspirations so that moving forward we have communities of not just empty bedrooms but also a place to live work and play!


I encourage you to visit website Generation Squeeze, discover for yourself innovate ideas to support housing affordability and traffic congestion as they go hand in hand.  Share your ideas not only here but also with your civic politicians.  I hear time and again from my clients that they want the ability for their children to be able to afford to buy a home in the future.  Let’s make that goal a reality!

Provincial Gov’t population stats show extremely modest population growth yet our traffic continues to hamper business